Crocasai is a Fakemon created by Weegeelover.


Fire Crocodile Pokemon

Abilities:Anger Point and Magma Armor

Evolution:Crocasai is not known to evolve into or from any other Fakemon.

Moveset: Starting Moves: Scratch, Growl. Lv 3:Leer. Lv 6:Ember Lv 10:Bite. Lv 13:Rage. Lv 15.SmokeScreen Lv 18.Smog Lv 21.Slash Lv 25.Scary Face Lv 30.Fire Fang Lv 33.Poison Fang Lv.38.Fire Spin Lv 40.Lava Plume Lv 44.Sand-Attack Lv 47.Fire Punch Lv 50.Crunch Lv 54.Earthquake Lv 60.Flare Blitz Lv.67.Inferno Lv.75.Flamethrower Lv. 79.Eruption Lv.90.Eruption

Info:Crocasai's flame burns so brightly that it can light the brightest of caves. Anyone who touches it will get a burn that lasts for several days or even weeks. It never dims. Also, you should avoid making Crocasai angry. When it gets angry, it goes all out on the person or Fakemon that enraged it. Just don't make it angry, okay?

Egg Group:Monster